Shayne Ward Biography

Shayne Ward Biography includes information, facts, trivia and history about the talented X Factor winner from Manchester.

Name: Shayne Thomas Ward

Height: 5' 9" (175 cm)

Date of Birth: 16 October 1984

Starsign: Libra

From: Clayton, Manchester

Brothers: Mark, Martin and Michael

Sisters: Lisa, Leona and twin Emma

Sports: Plays football

Interests: Playstation

Passions: Singing and dancing

Previous Job: Selling shoes in New Look

Trivia: Is a huge Manchester United fan


Shayne was born two months prematurely and had breathing problems due to his lungs not being developed properly. Doctors were unsure whether he would survive or not., fortunately Shayne survived and is now very healthy.

Shayne is Anglo-Irish and grew up listening to Irish music.

Before the X Factor he was in a band called Destiny, which he joined when he was only 16. The other members were Tracy Murphy and Tracey Lyle.

He was also in Popstars: The Rivals where he reached the final thirty.

During The X Factor he was the bookies favourite to win the show and was never in the bottom two.

He defeated Andy Abraham and brothers Journey South in the final. There was 10.8 million phone votes and he won by a margin of 1.2%

Louis Walsh who was his mentor on the X Factor, was also his manager.